Web Design & Development

Some modular, creative, and functional web applications built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Personal Website (the old one)

Years active: 2020-2022

Personal porfolio built from scratch with JavaScript.

Need Music

Years active: 2019-2020

A music discovery service that promotes great music found all over the Internet curated by professionals. Built from scratch with JavaScript and PostgreSQL.

Features included:
+ Curation by top music journalists, musicians, and DJs+ Telegram integration
+ Rankings
+ Tailor-made UI

Text-to-HTML Converter

Years active: 2020-present
URL: netlify.app

Built from scratch using simple JavaScript and CSS.

Features include:
+ Side-by-side text editing
+ Text completion
+ Synchronised scrolling
+ Keyboard shortcuts
+ Clipboard functionality for safe copy-pasting. Only allows HTML code to be rendered as HTML in the Renderer panel and as Text in the Raw HTML code panel
+ Readability level calculation
+ Saving and restoring sessions
+ Sharing
+ Basic proofreading

A Sassy Chatbot using Telegram and Botlibre

Years active: 2022-present
URL: https://t.me/amanicebot

Built without any coding.

Features include:
+ Sass
+ Slightly stupid
+ Does not get tired of your rants

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