Technical Communications


I’ve had the pleasure of creating technical communications for great clients since 2010. Most of my work has been with technology, crypto, and video game companies looking to simplify their product documentation. 

Most of my work has taken the form of:
  • Technical Writing
  • Technical Editing
  • Document Design
  • SME Collaboration

Below are samples from a select few clients. Feel free to reach out to me about your project.

SynMax is a satellite data analytics company which specializes in the use of commercial satellite images to find and monitor oil and gas assets and provide maritime intelligence data.

My work for SynMax mostly concerned creating documentation for their Hyperion API, Theia, and Excel addin projects. All documentation was developed using Sphinx and a bit of a personal touch.

Published site:

Hyperbridge was a digital platform for application and content deployment powered by decentralized protocols. Blockhub, their flagship project, offered various software development kits and protocols that enabled developers to manage, market, and monetize their projects using any supported token.

My work for Hyperbridge involved the development of their whitepaper. I also handled communications through their Medium page.

Here is a selection of articles I wrote for Hyperbridge:

Denali Management Services is a business solutions provider that partners with large global companies to transform their procurement and supply chain operations through consulting, managed services, and digital technologies.

My work for them was brief and consisted of writing product manuals and creating product catalogues.

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