Aalap Davjekar

[a work in progress]

Dreaming of Diffusion

[video] [2022]
Music videos created with Deforum and Stable Diffusion.


[photography] [2019-2021]
Images from the apocalyptic nightmare that is Mumbai. Parental guidance is advised.

Magenta > Hotpink

[visual art] [2018-2020]
I have raised my cats in a simulated, utopian, communist household. Race and gender are meaningless.

Natural Habitats

[photography] [2018-2019]
An average day in the life.

Default State

[visual art/poetry] [2016-2019]
Silent rap with an accompanying image. For chronically depressed millenials.


[video] [2014]
A timelapse of the clouds shot over the course of an Indian monsoon.


[music] [2013-2014]
A collection of experiments with electronic beats, atmospheric synths, overdriven arpeggios, and classical Indian vocals.

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